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Spray/Bake Side Down Draft Automotive Paint            Booth

Spray/Bake Semi Down Draft Automotive Paint             Booth

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Global Supplier of Quality Paint Booths, Powder Coating Booths, Powder Coating Ovens, Blast Booths and Dust Collectors.


With over 30 years of experience, Spray Booths Northwest Internet Sales, LLC is your choice for superior design and installation of your paint spray booth, mixing room, exhaust bench, air make-up unit and powder coating equipment, as well as relocation of spray booths, blast and paint booth components.  Here at Spray Booths Northwest Internet Sales, LLC we are committed to providing the highest quality spray booth products and services to our customers.  We feel very comfortable in saying that our level of service is unparalleled in this industry!


Need a paint spray booth quick and easy?  Already know what size paint spray booth you need?


Spray Booths Northwest hosts one of the largest on line inventories of paint spray booths.  Use our site to quickly select and purchase your paint spray booth using a credit card.  As well you can add options such as powder coating, drive through doors, single phase power and more.  Most of our pre-engineered paint spray booths ship within 1-2 weeks and assemble easily with nut and bolts.


Fast, simple and convenient!


Spray Booths Northwest not only offers pre-engineered paint spray booths but we also excel in custom engineered paint booths.    Sometimes the stock booth just doesn’t fit like it should so a custom booth is a better option.  Even better is that there is no ‘custom up charge’ that comes along with buying a custom paint booth.  Additionally unlike other paint and spray booth distributors, we offer optional installation on all of our paint booths and spray booth products.


Limited on space indoors?  How about an outdoor paint spray booth with its own canopy engineered for your climate?  Spray Booths Northwest can custom design and build an outdoor spray booth to fit your painting needs.


Whether it’s a small size paint booth, an automotive paint booth for cars, trucks and vans, or even the largest of industrial paint booths our guarantee is that we work for the specific needs of each customer and provide the right equipment to meet those needs.


Looking for something other than paint and spray booths?  We also provide paint booth accessories!  


Take some time to visit the many pages of accessories.  You will find top brand name items such as Clemco, LDPI and more.  Prices and additional information can be found on corresponding pages.


All paint spray booths are manufactured per NFPA 33, NEC 516, UFC 45



We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you during your next spray booth purchase!



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