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Down Draft Auto Paint Booth

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The most effective overall, downdraft paint spray booths are fully enclosed just like cross flow paint spray booths. However, incoming air is drawn through ceiling-mounted filters. There are several variations on the downdraft design: some use pits below the floor to draw air straight down, while others use "semi-downdraft" or "side downdraft" designs that pull incoming air down and to the sides or back of the booth.  This particular unit is a “True Pitted Downdraft Paint Spray Booth”.

The filtered exhaust air is pulled through the exhaust plenum and discharged straight up and into the atmosphere through an exhaust stack. (Optional Equipment)


These paint spray booths come in a wide range of widths, depths and heights to meet your needs.


Standard Paint Spray Booth Equipment Includes:

·         UL listed tube axial fan and **3 phase motor with belts, pullies & sheave (fan and motor size varies by booth size)

·         All 18 gauge galvanized steel construction panels

·         Nut & Bolt Assembly

·         48" 4-tube T-8 fluorescent light fixtures w/clear tempered glass in ceiling (# varies by booth size)

·         20" x 20" fiberglass exhaust filters (# varies by booth size)

·         Draft gauge-Manometer

·         All hardware, fasteners, sealants

·         Assembly instructions/permit package

·         UL approved components



Optional Paint Spray Booth Equipment Includes:

·         Additional Man Doors

·         Drive Thru Product Doors

·         Single Phase Motors

·         Powder Coated

·         Bi-Folding Doors

·         Tri-Folding Doors

·         Ducting kits

·         Motor starters

·         Observation Windows

·         Control Panels


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